IN-PERSON COURSE FOR 2024: We look forward to welcoming delegates in person in 2024, circumstances permitting. If a move to remote teaching is necessary for any reason, we will keep delegates informed regarding logistics and fees.

Taught by leading researchers who advise policy-makers internationally. Topics include HIV, TB, malaria, outbreak response, COVID-19, health economics, vaccination programmes, stochastic models & more.

Organised by:


Presenters include

  • Prof Neil Ferguson OBE FMedSci
  • Prof Azra Ghani MBE FMedSci
  • Prof Tom Churcher
  • Prof Maria-Gloria Basáñez
  • Prof Nicholas Grassly
  • Prof Katharina Hauck
  • Prof Peter White
  • Prof Tim Hallett

Directed by

  • Dr Anne Cori


Contact: Dr Lilith Whittles or Dr Clare McCormack